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#4596-4607 Russia - Types of 1976 (MNH)

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1977-1978 Types of 1976, Set of 13. Designs: 1k, Armed Forces Order. 2k, Golden Star and Hammer and Sickle medals. 3k, Worker and Farmer, by V.I. Mukhina. 4k, Coat of arms and "CCCP." 6k, TU-154 plane, globe and airmail envelope. 10k, Order of Labor. 12k, Space exploration medal with Yuri Gagarin portrait. 15k, Communications emblem and globes. 16k, Lenin Prize medal. 20k, Marx and Lenin, by Fridman and Belostotsky. 30k, Council for Mutual Economic Aid Building. 50k, Lenin, 1920 Photograph. 1r, Globe and Sputnik Orbits; Nos. 4596-4607 were printed on dull and shiny paper.

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