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Hungary Semi-Postal

#B198A-B198D, CB1-CB1C Hungary - Franklin D. Roosevelt, 2 S/S (MNH)

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1947 President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Allegory, Souvenir Sheet of 4. Designs: No. B198A, Freedom of Speech. No. B198B, Freedom of Religion. No. B198C, Freedom from Want. No. B198D, Freedom from Fear.  

Roosevelt Type of Semipostal Stamps, 1947, Souvenir Sheet (A souvenir Sheet contains one each of Nos. CB1-CB1C with border inscriptions and decorations in gray). Design: F. D. Roosevelt, Plane and Place: 10f+10f, Casablanca. 20f+20f, Tehran. 50f+50f, Yalta (map). 70f+70f, Hyde Park.

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