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Hungary Semi-Postal

#B243-B251 Hungary - History of Tennis, Imperf. (MNH)

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1965 History of Tennis, Imperf, Set of 9. Designs: 30f+10f, 13th century tennis. 40f+10f, Indoor tennis, 16th century. 60f+10f, Tennis, 18th century. 70f+30f, Tennis court and castle. 80f+40f, Tennis court, Fontainebleau (buildings). 1fo+50f, Tennis, 17th century. 1.50fo+50f, W. C. Wingfield, Wimbledon champion 1877, and Wimbledon Cup. 1.70fo+50f, Davis Cup, 1900. 2fo+1fo, Béla von Kehrling (1891-1937), Hungarian champion.

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