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Ukraine - 2022 "Shchedryk. Carol of the Bells" M/S (MNH)

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Ukraine - 2022 "Shchedryk. Carol of the Bells" M/S (MNH) 

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Ukrposhta Official Sheet "Shchedryk. Carol of the Bells" - Ukraine 2022

Ukraine gave the world one of the most important symbols of Christmas - the song "Shchedryk". The folklore composition gained worldwide recognition thanks to the talented arrangement of the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych. For the first time "Shchedryk" was performed by the choir of Kyiv University in 1916. A few years later - in 1922 - it was sung by the Ukrainian Republican Chapel under the direction of Oleksandr Koshyts in Carnegie Hall in New York.  In 1936, the American composer of Ukrainian descent Peter Wilchowski created an English version of the text of the Ukrainian Christmas carol and "Shchedryk" became known as Carol of the Bells.  On the sketch for the postage stamp, the artist Mykolai Kochubei illustrated "Shchedryk" - a song about a swallow flying to the household to herald a happy and rich year for the family.

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