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Ukraine - 2024 City of Heroes - Okhtyrka - Souvenir sheet

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On 24 February 2022, at about 12 o'clock, the russian occupiers entered the city of Okhtyrka and were stopped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For more than a month, the enemy tried to break through the defense and shelled the city with all kinds of weapons, including aircraft.

On 26 February, three thermobaric (vacuum) bombs were dropped on Okhtyrka, killing and injuring many residents, destroying the city utilities and lots of buildings. The enemy was destroying and courageous people, heroes-workers of the critical infrastructure facilities, were restoring water pipes, power grid, and communication networks under fire, inspiring the whole country to resist. On 27 March, the active phase of the battle for Okhtyrka ended. The demining of the city began.

For the mass heroism and resilience shown by citizens in the defense of the city, Okhtyrka, which became an irresistible outpost on the way of the russian army's advance into Ukraine, was awarded the honorary title of "Hero City of Ukraine" by Presidential Decree No. 164/2022.

The postage stamp depicts the building of the Okhtyrka City Council destroyed by an enemy attack.

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